Hello!  My name is Yasunori Irie    I introduce mushrooms in Japan.


I live in Tokyo, Japan, in the city of Higashiyamato-shi.  It is located by Lake Tama. (rough map).

I like walking in the woods or mountains and breathing fresh air and gathering wild mushrooms & mountain herbs to eat; but I do not like climbing the mountain, just to get to the top.

I began picking up mushrooms around 1995.

The first couple of years, I just picked mushrooms to eat.  I found it is necessary to identify mushrooms to eat them.

I thought taking photos would be the best way to identify mushrooms and it ended up  mushroom photos piled up.

So, I made this page to put those photos in order.

I am a beginner and an amateur for mushrooms and photography, so I am not knowledgeable about technical or academic fields.

My way to identify fungi is based on the appearance of the photos in my fungi guidebook.

In that case that my photos and the photos in my guidebook look similar, but slightly different, I have a hard time identifying fungi.

So, I compromise assigning names, even though each appearance does not match 100%

There may be some mistakes on the site, so when you eat mushrooms, you need to carefully judge whether or not it is edible or poisons with your responsibility.

I apologize for my poor English and language ability.

So far, the fungi page is in Japanese.  I am planning on increasing the English pages, little by little.

Thank you for stopping by my page.